The flour produced from wheat grains is used in baking bread, making pasta and confectionery. Wheat is also used as a feed crop, is included in some recipes for the preparation of beer and vodka, as well as whiskey.

Wheat bran pellets

Bran is a by-product of the processing of grain into flour and cereals. In the development of different grades of flour and cereals in bran remains from 20 to 28% by weight of grain. Granulated bran. When granulating, the mass is compacted up to 10 times, and this gives unconditional advantages during transportation and storage. Bran in granular form is better preserved, because, due to its high density and smaller specific surface area, the effect of yeast and mold fungi and pathogens is reduced.


Chickpeas is a food product distributed in the countries of Western and Central Asia, North Africa, and North America. Hummus and falafel are made from it. Roasted beans are called leblebi. Chickpeas are actively used in vegan, vegetarian cuisine and in Indian cooking. Traditionally, chickpea is also used in the Mediterranean region. Из нута производится нутовая мука, используемая, в частности, в индийской кухне. А, например, в итальянской кухне она используется для приготовления лепёшки — фаринаты,


Sowing oats - cultivated cereal. It is the chemical composition that explains the unique fortifying effect of oats. Oats contain a lot of protein, as well as fats and carbohydrates, the most valuable methionine, polyphenols, choline. A large number of trace elements - potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, cobalt, manganese, vitamins of group B (B1, B2), vitamin A, vitamin E, PP.


Millet is a cereal obtained from the fruits of the cultivated species of millet (Panicum), freed from spikelet scales by peeling. One of the cultivated plants using C4 photosynthesis, i.e. with a small amount of moisture and a hot climate, it is able to increase the dry mass several times more effectively.


Corn is the second most marketable grain crop in the world (after wheat). Corn (Latin Zea) is a genus of plants of the family of cereals (Poaceae), including six species. However, in culture, the genus is represented by a single species of Zea mays, cultivated throughout the world on an industrial scale and is an important food, fodder and industrial culture.

Corn bran pellets

Corn bran is a crushed maize coat that is very rich in protein and starch. Corn bran is a valuable food item. They are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, they are attributed to dietary products. Due to the rich content of fiber, the product copes with the cleaning of the body from toxins and slags, improves digestion and a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the human body.